Top 10 Reasons to NOT Implement SaaS Project Management Software

Unlike enterprise project management systems that require everyone to have a doctorate or toy like spreadsheet solutions with few benefits over email, WorkOtter is the “just right” solutions for all but .01% of

OK – Drumroll Please. Our top 10 reasons why you shouldn’t waste your time considering WorkOtter for PPM:

  1. You were on a competitor’s website and noticed they had 17 resource leveling algorithms. 17!
  2. During a competitor’s demo you looked through all 12 tabs of information on a single task and were impressed by the hundreds of fields to fill out.
  3. Honestly, any workplan with under 2,000 tasks isn’t a “real” project.
  4. You like your PPM software like you like your remote controls. More Buttons = Better. Heck, the best PPM solution would be to take all the features from all the vendors and stuff them into one tool. Now THAT would be awesome!
  5. You are really not excited about doing any research and heard from Microsoft that their Enterprise Project Management solution is the way to go and you are just looking for other vendors to pad your proposal.
  6. You attended the full two weeks of
    Microsoft Project Server training and came back thinking “that
    was EASY!”
  7. You build the world’s
    most complex project spreadsheet and are sorry to give it up.
  8. Your executives track your movements via cameras so that they can avoid you telling them how badly they need a PPM solution.
  9. You have figured out it is a lot better to spend every year in committee looking for the perfect solution, than it is to take a chance and get something going quickly.
  10. Your CIO asks when your team will be done with project management (and continuous process improvement for that matter).

If you answered yes, well, WorkOtter is either too complex, too simple, or
your management doesn’t care enough for us to help you today. I am very sorry to be so direct but WorkOtter is not for

Right, well, um, thank you so much again for your interest. We really appreciate it.

OK then, thank you again and best of luck with all of that.

Everyone else still here?

Well that was a bit awkward. Good news is you are in the PERFECT place for simple, sensible, and secure PPM so Welcome home!

WorkOtter (Unlike online spreadsheet tools or bloated enterprise PPM servers), is a “just right” web-based project management solution for anyone that believes project and resource management should be simple to start, sensible in price, and fully secure.

We can never compete with “doing nothing” but if your management expects projects managed professionally, efficiently, and effectively then we are the simple, sensible, and secure way to do so.

Let’s review the top ways WorkOtter SaaS CAN eliminate project chaos today:

With WorkOtter web-based project management you can start for free today

No large capital expenses for software or servers. Free to try for 30 days and unlimited users. Cancel at any time.

No minimum number of users
Start a pilot for only $35/month (first month is FREE). Add as few or as many employees, suppliers, and customers every month with no commitments. Download your data at any time. Cancel at any time.
Lowest competitive cost for full PPM
Low monthly costs (less then 1/2 of next nearest competitor). Average
end user only pays $15/month with your assigned work only and time sheet only accounts factored in.
Many users do not even need paid accounts
Reports download to Excel, Word, and MS Project for easy emailing.
Manage your entire workforce
With monthly costs starting as low as $1.00 per person per month, it is affordable to have your entire workforce in WorkOtter for project management and resource capacity planning.
customer service and management costs
One stop shop for all project status, reporting, and billing information.
No servers to purchase and setup eliminates IT project management servers, software management,
procurement, setup, maintenance, and energy costs.
No software footprint or compatibility/upgrade feesWorkOtter SaaS is a web-based
project management solution so there are no desktop costs.
No dedicated technical support needed on-site
Software service is web-based and supported remotely as part of the low user cost.
Working with tools you own & know saves training, startup time, and money
Integration with Microsoft Project insures quick transition from existing plans to WorkOtter.
Eliminate expensive redundant systems
Consolidate and eliminate expensive IT project management, timesheet, help desk, resource management tools, and other tracking systems.
Security is extraordinary and requires no further investment
WorkOtter SaaS uses banking standards for secure communications. Guaranteed service levels (5 9’s) insure users have access to their work.
Eliminate wasteful meetings
Eliminate needless meetings with online collaboration and status reporting.
Our project resource management software shows
who has availability without making phone calls and guessing.
One online project management source of reporting and projects saves teams time and the company money
Manage more projects with the same number of people. Resource management shows Supply vs. Demand of resources over time to see who has excess capacity and who is overbooked.
Improve customer loyalty through project portal and collaboration for more follow on engagements
Enter issues and feedback 24/7 with WorkOtter’s online project management capabilities. Automatic mail updates to teams eliminate confusion and project administration. Customers can also enter change requests and
new service requests for improved opportunity capture/delivery.
Cancel and Fast Track projects quickly
Projects at risk or in fact going over their allotted budgets and timelines can be quickly put on hold or canceled while high business value projects with the best returns can be prioritized and optimized. WorkOtter resource management software shows you if you have the resources to execute on your portfolios.
Meet goals while lowering staff levels
Going through mandatory budget and staff cuts? WorkOtter has demonstrated improve efficiency and project accountability with less staff. Supply and Demand resource management software shows how many people (by role)
you need to meet your demand. What-if allows you to eliminate functions and people under/not utilized.
Filter, download, and port into existing systems
Data screens allow sophisticated filtering and all download into MS Word and MS Excel for porting into new/old systems. Our resource management software reports integrate with email and MS Excel.
No capitalized purchase expense
Since the WorkOtter Pro is a web based project management solution there is no need to capitalize the expense (software as a service).
Save money when auditing projects
Projects are easily audited with included project management tools. Customers save time and money in compliance functions like Sarbanes Oxley.
Teams can utilize best practices without spending money building their own processes
Included project management tools utilize Project Management Institute (PMI) PMBOK best practices for easy recognition of forms and terminology to project teams.

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