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This is typically the place where a company goes on and on about why their product is the only product a company should consider for this type of solution. They spew overblown hype, hide their own weaknesses, and over promise on capabilities and price. When we read this type of “happy talk” about products we are interested in, we feel the same way most of our customers do, skeptical.

Truth is, the WorkOtter is not the right solution for every customer looking to automate and improve their project portfolio management disciplines. By focusing on our mantra of simple – sensible – secure solutions, we often omit features we feel most customers would never need or use to achieve a return on their investment of time and money.

If you are insensitive to what you are being charged (get ready to pay 5 to 10 times what we charge), your organization is designing a new nuclear power plant, planning the mission to Mars, or scheduling the “Big Dig” – may we recommend one of the following competitors:

  • Microsoft
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Planview
  • Primavera
  • CA
  • ChangePoint
  • Daptiv
  • EPM Live

Many of these packages require everyone in the organization to schedule down to the minutia to produce any type of management report. They have “pretty pictures” that mean little to managers looking to improve their ability to identify, manage, and support project work. Several of these packages have 12 tabs full of data for a single task! They have over 17 resource leveling algorithms, and literally require an advanced degree by every single project manager to be successful.

Their design objective was to “never check the ‘NO’ box on any request for proposal.

In the end they do everything and yet do nothing for most organizations who do not need that level of rigor. These packages literally choke the work pipeline and often are pulled out of production within the first year of use because these companies were not prepared for the complexities, administrative burdens, and total costs these systems demand.

If you are still reading this – chances are you want project management best practices without the tremendous overhead and cost associated with those solutions. You know your organization needs a flexible package that can handle the large projects alongside the ad-hoc. You need something that has a very low initial price and can be customized to exactly match your process today while supporting the best practices of your vision. In fact, the WorkOtter is the best solution for customers looking for our unique blend of simple – sensible – secure products and services.


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