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  • WorkOtter was founded by Big-5 management consultants in 1998.  Prior to WorkOtter, we were engaged by companies of all sizes to improve their project, resource, and portfolio management capabilities.
    Our engagements began with process improvement and ended with selecting leading project management software tools that would support the new processes.

    Top Project Management Tools

    While researching the top project management tools we were shocked at what we found in the marketplace.

    The top project management tools were too complex, expensive, and cumbersome for teams trying to collaborate, manage portfolios, and get their hands around resource availability.

    Furthermore, ERP-like project portfolio management “solutions” required expensive servers, months of configuration, and hundreds of thousands of dollars before you could enter your first project.

    Vendors competed by piling in every conceivable feature until the software could do “everything”. Inadvertently, by doing so they rendered their solutions unusable by already overworked teams.

    Predictably, these tools were destined to fail. After a year the software was, at best, used for time and rudimentary project tracking.

    Sadly, for many customers of current resource and project management software tools – little has changed.

    Project Management Software

    We left the security of our consulting careers because we believed there was a simpler, more sensible, and more supportable way to manage work, but to get there you have to start with a simple question.

    What allows one company to perform better than another?

    The difference in performance between any two companies is directly related to how well one manages their projects, quantifies business value, diverts resources to their better opportunities, and continuously improves their processes.

    This is why we are confident in WorkOtter as an alternative to the “Mega Corporation” PPM vendors you have been looking at.

    Project Management Software Tools

    For more than 16 years, WorkOtter project, resource, and portfolio management software has successfully competed in the Gartner Project Portfolio Management market with a fraction of the budget and resources of our fellow “Mega” competitors. When pressed, they will admit they don’t even use their own PPM solutions consistently.

    WorkOtter simplifies the start-up process for small companies, yet supports the evolving needs of the Fortune 500.  This allows companies to leverage project management software today, and graduate to more mature project portfolio management capabilities tomorrow.

    In the end our competitive advantage is your “secret weapon” against your competitors too.

    Request a demo today and see for yourselves how WorkOtter can eliminate gridlock, spreadsheets, and chaos in your organization.

    We are all here to help and can’t wait to get you started.


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