What Is Work Breakdown Structure in Project Management?

What Is Work Breakdown Structure in Project Management?

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Creating a work breakdown structure (WBS) for project management is an essential step. Keep in mind that a work breakdown structure and a work breakdown schedule are two phrases that point to the same thing.

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What Is WBS in Project Management?

A WBS breaks down the project into smaller chunks. Work breakdown structure in project management makes it easier to plan and complete. It also allows project managers to distribute resources and time with more efficiency.

Plus, it helps to identify problem issues early on. This will cut down on risks and delays.

How to Create a Work Breakdown Structure

Creating one involves project managers identifying the deliverables and sub-deliverables for successful project completion. Aside from breaking things down into manageable parts, you should also assign them to relevant team members. Don’t forget to define each task, along with the deadline and associated budget.

Doing all this helps to ensure that each team member is familiar with their responsibilities and can work on a plan.

Improved Time Management

Time management is a fundamental aspect of project management. A work breakdown structure can help to boost efficiency and save time. By breaking down the project, you can identify the tasks that are most critical before delegating them.

This can guarantee that every team member is working on essential project tasks rather than worrying about non-critical tasks.

Progress Monitoring

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Project managers can also take advantage of a work breakdown structure to monitor progress. By keeping an eye on each task’s completion, you can spot potential bottlenecks and take measures to solve them. This will keep the project on track and avoid breaking budgets or deadlines.

As you can see using a work breakdown structure gives project managers the power to achieve the highest possible quality standards.

WorkOtter PPM Can Increase Efficiency

As an SMB business owner, it’s sometimes challenging to manage projects while trying to increase business productivity. WorkOtter PPM is a project portfolio management software that you wouldn’t want to go without. It’s designed to aid SMB businesses in creating the best work breakdown structures while efficiently managing their projects.

You’ll be happy to learn that WorkOtter PPM offers a range of features. Some of these include project planning, resource management, and time tracking. These features alone make it an invaluable tool for SMB businesses looking to boost their efficiency and productivity across the board.

Best of all, WorkOtter PPM has a low learning curve. This makes it a perfect solution for SMB businesses that may not have a full-fledged project management team already in place.

Ready to Use a Work Breakdown Structure?

Now that you’ve learned what a work breakdown structure consists of, you can use it to your business’s advantage.

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