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March 8, 2012, St. Louis

Organizations that have collaboration needs that go far beyond e-mail will have a diverse list of choices, thanks to new project management, instant messaging, and group calendaring and scheduling offerings.

WorkOtter released the latest version of their WorkOtter software for enterprise project management. All the new products are designed to improve internal communications and make it easier for employees to work together.

WorkOtter’s WorkOtter allows teams of employees to collaborate on projects to track their development and allows executives to monitor a team’s progress. It’s typically used as an add-on to tools such as Microsoft Corp.’s Microsoft Project.

This latest version of WorkOtter enables users to swap information with the Microsoft tool and get a complete supply and demand view into resource management, said WorkOtter officials in St. Louis. The upgrade also adds personalization capabilities so users can see the project information most relevant to them. A process map provides a visual representation of the project life cycle.

This is a key feature to Maryellen Kliethermes, software development supervisor in the finance department at Ameren Corp., which is using WorkOtter.

“You can track dollars, projects and hours and see the bigger picture in one shot,” Kliethermes said. Ameren uses WorkOtter in combination with Microsoft Project to track issues and changes. The St. Louis-based company has more than 600 employees using WorkOtter to manage more than 150 projects.

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