WorkOtter Adds Comprehensive Portfolio Management Views and HTML5 Dashboards

St. Louis, Missouri – 10/17/2014 WorkOtter SaaS project portfolio management (PPM) solution have developed their first ever portfolio management tool with integrated resource supply and demand, upgraded dashboards, and a work assignment capability reducing project planning time, improving organization visibility, and providing an intuitive way to plan multiple projects together.

The new Project Portfolio Viewer lets users create a consolidated Gantt and resource plan view of projects into a shareable portfolio. The Portfolio Viewer provides the ability to drill-down levels for time frame, dependencies and critical path. The Portfolio Viewer also provides supply and demand information for the resources, generic roles, or roles and proficiencies that belong to the portfolio. Users can update the projects connected to the portfolio and see resource impacts in real time.

“The new Portfolio Viewer gives customers a consolidated view of their most important projects and helps them understand the resource impacts of change,” says WorkOtter CEO and Co-Founder Nick Matteucci. “By combining multi project Gantt views, status reporting, and resource supply and demand information you can quickly address bottlenecks before they slow down your business.”

Further dashboard visualization upgrades were completed throughout WorkOtter including the Organization, My Projects, My Resources, My Orgs and dashboards. Graphs and charts are animated, responsive and pop-up additional data when hovered over. The views are customizable based on user needs and provide for a deeper look into the portfolio. Users can now view their Percent Forecasted vs. Utilized resources in the same chart for comparative analysis. Projects and support items can be viewed by red, yellow or green status to give instant status checks.

Work assignments creation was also replaced with a dynamic HTML5 grid and in-line editing. The changes save time and increase performance when searching for and editing assignments within a project that contains a large number of assignments or work items. This can also save time when working within the Workplan Gantt Editor as changes can be made to assignments on the fly without having to save the entire plan first.

About WorkOtter

WorkOtter is a SaaS project portfolio management (PPM) solution for a simple, sensible, and secure alternative to traditional Enterprise Project Management (EPM) software. WorkOtter is ideal for new product development and IT organizations ready to reach their full potential utilizing a simpler, more engaging, and ultimately less expensive PPM solution.

Customers can start using WorkOtter with a single user on WorkOtter’s private, secure, and certified cloud, and pay monthly only for active accounts.

Key WorkOtter features include Project Management Institute (PMI) tools, Microsoft Project integration, document management, resource management, financials, messaging, timesheets, program management, and ad-hoc dashboards.


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