WorkOtter Releases Industry First HTML5 Grid Views

St. Louis, Missouri – 06/20/2014 WorkOtter cloud-based project portfolio management (PPM) solution announced the immediate availability of the June 2014 Release. The June release adds an industry first – an all cached HTML5 customizable grid (spreadsheet) view for people, service requests, and projects – producing radical performance and unprecedented configuration to save businesses time and money. These changes will propagate to the entire application over the next several months.

The new WorkOtter grid views perform 2,500% faster than traditional website data loading, sorting, and filtering. The grid pages also offer customization to each page giving every user the personalized experience they need to make the software meaningful to their work. Administrators can setup company standards. Users can choose what columns they want to see, set personal filters for each grid or save it across page loads, use draggable column ordering and instant record updates via in-line checkboxes.

“Our new grid pages can load and manipulate over 10,000 records in under 3 seconds,” says WorkOtter CEO and Co-Founder Nick Matteucci. “Traditional enterprise project management software would take over eight minutes to perform what we can now do instantly. Over the course of a day this can mean over an hour per person in improved productivity. Furthermore, competitor views are cumbersome to customize, thus the data isn’t meaningful, and the user becomes disengaged. WorkOtter’s simple customization makes the software intuitive for the user, and therefore more meaningful to their work.”

About WorkOtter

WorkOtter is a SaaS project portfolio management (PPM) solution for a simple, sensible, and secure alternative to traditional Enterprise Project Management (EPM) software. WorkOtter is ideal for new product development and IT organizations ready to reach their full potential utilizing a simpler, more engaging, and ultimately less expensive PPM solution.

Customers can start using WorkOtter with a single user on WorkOtter’s private, secure, and certified cloud, and pay monthly only for active accounts.

Key WorkOtter features include Project Management Institute (PMI) tools, Microsoft Project integration, document management, resource management, financials, messaging, timesheets, program management, and ad-hoc dashboards.


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