WorkOtter Delivers Increased Reporting and Functionality

St. Louis, Missouri – 09/23/2014 WorkOtter SaaS project portfolio management (PPM) solution has added pre-configured monthly forecasting and utilization reporting for faster reporting and analysis of staffing, as well as service request prioritization functionality in their latest release.

The new monthly reporting – Forecast Report by Month and Time Report by Month – provide a convenient pre-populated monthly resource reporting option that saves time in report design and data presentation in the HTML5 advanced dashboard and report writer. Reports can be scheduled to run at a designated time or ad-hoc for the most up-to-date reporting. The reports can be pivoted and charted instantly without the hassles of grouping by month or the delays in the database pulling back more data than is needed.

“The new adhoc data source reporting gives customers an instant view into their monthly supply and demand of resources,” says WorkOtter CEO and Co-Founder Nick Matteucci. “Millions of forecast and utilization records can be consolidated into a monthly view that can be prepared and delivered in just a few seconds. As the most popular reporting data, the speed which you can build and deliver resource management reporting is key to organizational buy in.”

The latest release also broadens service request capabilities for the responsible organizations. Previously, service requests could only be prioritized by their requesting organizations and customers. The organizations that would actually do the work could always budget and document their involvement, but couldn’t prioritize these pre-project requests and ideas. Expanding the functionality to allow organizations responsible for the work the ability to prioritize the requests they work on gives them a way to track and focus on their highest priorities that have not yet become projects.

About WorkOtter

WorkOtter is a SaaS project portfolio management (PPM) solution for a simple, sensible, and secure alternative to traditional Enterprise Project Management (EPM) software. WorkOtter is ideal for new product development and IT organizations ready to reach their full potential utilizing a simpler, more engaging, and ultimately less expensive PPM solution.

Customers can start using WorkOtter with a single user on WorkOtter’s private, secure, and certified cloud, and pay monthly only for active accounts.

Key WorkOtter features include Project Management Institute (PMI) tools, Microsoft Project integration, document management, resource management, financials, messaging, timesheets, program management, and ad-hoc dashboards.


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