IT projects require collaboration, easy management and flexibility to keep the project moving. Everyone wants the best IT project portfolio management software not a complex, expensive, or rigid EPM that produces more gridlock than results and slows innovation.
WorkOtter is a cloud based simpler, less expensive, and completely secure IT project portfolio management software system that ends chaos, cuts through gridlock, and keeps your project growing.


WorkOtter/Jira Integration

What Makes WorkOtter’s Jira Integration Better For Your Organization?

Increase Collaboration & Ef ficiency

With our two-way Jira integration, it’s no longer necessary to manage business and technical teams separately. With increased collaboration and communication, you can increase efficiency and get projects finished faster.

  • Project Managers coordinate across teams and systems
  • You stay in WorkOtter and they stay in Jira – Jira users won’t even know they’re using WorkOtter
  • No more redundant data entry, information is instantly updated in both WorkOtter and Jira
  • Better communication – comments on issues and tasks sync between systems
  • Manage projects any way you want (Agile, Scrum, MSP, Waterfall, HTML5 Gantt Editing)

See how our two-way Jira integration can make your organization more productive by signing up for a free demo today.

Easy Setup & Customization

Many PPM software brands boast about their Jira integrations, but all too often setting them up requires technical knowledge, working with a third-party and hours and hours of configuration. WorkOtter’s simple, sensible two-way Jira integration requires no technical knowledge to setup, no third-parties, and can be fully configured and customized in minutes.

  • Quickly and easily customize how users, tasks, issues, statuses, and more sync between systems
  • Make changes to the configuration anytime – add new users or change how items are mapped across systems
  • Easy-to-follow documentation will get you up and running in no time
  • WorkOtter Support team deals with issues/questions 24/7, no need to reach out to a third party

Request a free demo of WorkOtter today and see just how simple it is to customize and configure our two-way integration with Jira.


Visibility & Reporting

One thing any effective executive or project manager needs is accurate, real-time data to evaluate his projects and make changes if needed. WorkOtter’s Jira integration allows users to leverage its great reporting tools to track projects across your organization’s entire portfolio.

  • See real-time statuses of all projects
  • Use WorkOtter resource management tools to track Jira and WorkOtter contributors all in one place.
  • Find problem areas and quickly address them using WorkOtter’s project management and communication features
  • No more guess work – get accurate, up-to-the-minute data