Project Management

Program and Project Management

Program Management Facilitates Success An organization that can learn, change, and adapt rapidly is destined for success. Unfortunately, many organizations today exist in a state of chaos, meaning learning, changing, and adapting are not the norm. These companies exist in … Read More

Project Discipline

Process Violations Are Our Friends Do we always follow the logical, well thought out planned process we have established for repeatable success, or do we short-circuit the process every time an eminent deadline, cost pressure, or demanding customer or stakeholder … Read More

Accountability and Project Management Process

Two levels of accountability are critical to establishing a culture of clarity that fulfills project management initiatives with repeated successes. The first level is having someone who is accountable for the establishment and improvement of and compliance with the project … Read More

Eliminate Project Chaos

I have spoken to and trained thousands of project managers. Most of them work in an environment filled with chaos. Project management is a profession in which you must always be able to deal with change, because there is usually … Read More

Aligning the PMO to Organizational Strategy

The Secret is in Using a Top-Down Approach “How do you sell management on the relevance and importance of the PMO to the organization?” This is one of the top questions pondered by the majority of PMO leaders I have … Read More

Tackling IT Project Challenges

“What kind of project manager or consultant are you?” This question got us thinking about how we approach our own projects and those of our clients. When we built WorkOtter we were a two-man startup trying to change the world … Read More

PPM without Getting Fired? Step 4: Find a Bad Cop

I am constantly giving WorkOtter demos based on features people want in their resource and project management software.  More often than not the implementation is botched, the wrong tool is selected, training is ignored, the process is non-existent (or stifling), … Read More

PPM without Getting Fired? Step 3: Recycle

I am constantly giving WorkOtter demos based on features people want in their resource and project management software. They ask about graphs, charts, and other visually stimulating capabilities more at home on an entertainment site then a project management solution. … Read More

PPM without Getting Fired? Step 2: KISS Fast

Companies implementing a new project portfolio management (PPM) software solution (like WorkOtter) are typically battling the chaos of project growth, resource contention, and organizational change. They’re looking for order and better productivity and they invest heavily in a solution, and … Read More

PPM without getting fired? Step 1: Sell the Promised Land

  “A mediocre idea that generates enthusiasm will go further than a great idea that inspires no one.” –Mary Kay Ash founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics So your company is ready to ditch their ineffective project management software or end … Read More


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