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WorkOtter Named Best Project Portfolio Management Software Company of 2021 by

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 23, 2021 WorkOtter Named Best Project Portfolio Management Software Company of 2021 by The company was recognized among the most efficient solutions for planning, prioritizing, and managing multiple projects Boulder, Colorado –, a leading … Read More

PPM without Getting Fired? Step 5: Clear Your Calendar

In the 16 years we have been working with customers (big and small) on their project portfolio management implementations we have seen every mistake in the book. Unfortunately, some mistakes turn into implementation disasters where budgets, time, and the careers … Read More

Program and Project Management

Program Management Facilitates Success An organization that can learn, change, and adapt rapidly is destined for success. Unfortunately, many organizations today exist in a state of chaos, meaning learning, changing, and adapting are not the norm. These companies exist in … Read More

Project Discipline

Process Violations Are Our Friends Do we always follow the logical, well thought out planned process we have established for repeatable success, or do we short-circuit the process every time an eminent deadline, cost pressure, or demanding customer or stakeholder … Read More

Accountability and Project Management Process

Two levels of accountability are critical to establishing a culture of clarity that fulfills project management initiatives with repeated successes. The first level is having someone who is accountable for the establishment and improvement of and compliance with the project … Read More

Eliminate Project Chaos

I have spoken to and trained thousands of project managers. Most of them work in an environment filled with chaos. Project management is a profession in which you must always be able to deal with change, because there is usually … Read More

Aligning the PMO to Organizational Strategy

The Secret is in Using a Top-Down Approach “How do you sell management on the relevance and importance of the PMO to the organization?” This is one of the top questions pondered by the majority of PMO leaders I have … Read More

Leverage WorkOtter’s Industry Leading Two-Way Jira Integration

Atlassian’s Jira is a powerful tool that more and more organization are beginning to take advantage of. We know – we use it ourselves every day. To better leverage WorkOtter’s powerful PPM tools and Jira in conjunction, we developed an … Read More

Keeping Projects on the Right Tips Track and Top Project Manager Schedule

Keeping Projects on the Right Tips Track and Top Project Manager Schedule Tips for Keeping Your Projects on Track Managing and tracking a project comes with its fair share of challenges. No one ever says being a project manager is … Read More

Build a Solid Team

Our blog series – “Master Project Management” covers some of the essentials of the art and science of project management. It talks about defining true needs, building a solid team, and performing a financial analysis. It addresses how you can … Read More


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