Tackling IT Project Challenges

“What kind of project manager or consultant are you?”

This question got us thinking about how we approach our own projects and those of our clients.

When we built WorkOtter we were a two-man startup trying to change the world of project management. As we’ve grown, the solution grew – working with big companies, installing on an enterprise level, and challenging the players of traditional project management.

But the best part of the job is still working with the start-ups, the guys who are innovating and working through some of the most complex projects out there. And WorkOtter is still true to its roots as a solution for these guys. Flexibility, anytime anywhere access, pay as you grow pricing – we try to make it easy for them to take the challenge head-on.

We’ve gained a lot of experience over the last 16 years, and we’re able to put it to good use with these partners. We can fix the problems, show them the ropes, and get them a solution that makes it easy.

This article from CIO reminded us of the fun you can have with an IT project challenge. Those problems bring out your best and call you to step to the plate.

“Strategies for tackling and saving the most challenging IT projects” via CIO


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