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With this system you’re able to manage Gantt charts and it offers some interactive features. You have the ability to configure your displays and dashboards can be set up according to the user’s role. The reports can automatically be emailed to users and teams can collaborate on projects. Overall this is a good system to have.

Mieesha Blake | Project Manager, Xerox

It was easy to setup and simple to use. It is great for a company with people in lots of different places. It also has the ability to restrict access in different ways when projects need to be limited to certain users. We needed to use it in ways that are probably not typical but found their support team to be very helpful. Unlike other software we are mandated to use, it is nice to have software like this that is user friendly.

Bruce Wong | Project Manager, Lockheed Martin

I really love how simple the tool really is, with that I mean, if a have a new Junior PM or Project coordinator in the team, will be easy for that collegue to get into track very quicky, is not like other tools where you have to spend hours and hours in training. Next to that, the tool also provides amazing advanced PM features that allows me to have everything under control, create reports, update status, check changes and all that.

Andrey Leiva | Recruitment Coodinator, Lionbridge

Working with many people is a challenge, considering the complications on communication and sharing of ideas and Work Otter has helped a lot on this aspect. Our team found it easy to contribute and brainstorm by attaching documents and using dashboards, which have no capacity limitation. Collaboration of teams is automatized and they can keep up with each other’s progress via portfolios time and status, saving searching time.

Vinicius Favaro | IT Functional Consultant, Jequiti

This software transformed how our supply team handled our projects, this has given us complete control of each activity, and increased our productivity dramatically. So, this program has done more for our company than any other that we have tried in the past.

Edberto Costa | Buyer, Amcor

The thing I like most about WorkOtter is that it is cloud based and so it can be used collaboratively within a large group without any issue. And that enables real time update and tracking making it very efficient. Tons of necessary features like interactive dashboard, Gantt chart, PM features, forecasting, budgeting, etc., makes it a must have tool for project management. The dashboards are tailored to type of user, customizable reports, instant sharing, automatic distribution are some of the most desired features. Compatibility with Excel and Microsoft Project is a big plus. I am using it for about two years and really satisfied with it.

Khan Siddique | Project Engineer, Texas State University

I am very satisfied with this software, I had no idea it would be such a great match for my team. I was looking for a tool that allowed my team to keep track of every tasks on our project and WorkOtter was a great choice, the team adapted quickly and I was able to track their status as well as time. Another great thing about it is that is super easy to build Gantt chart with all the features the tool offers. Also, since we work with technical drawings and product packaging arts, our files are usually really large and with this software, different from the one I had previously, I can attach these files without worrying about the size limitation! Anyways, pleasantly surprised and highly recommend WO to anyone.

Barbara Costa | Project Analyst, BRF (Brasil Foods S.A.)

Supporting a team spread between India, United States and Brazil is not easy and I had a hard time getting everybody on the same page but Workotter was the perfect tool to fix this gap. All dashboards are customized to the user’s role so I can determine exactly levels of access, views, authorizations I want them to have, this way I protect the data and ensure a safe environment. Something I noticed a huge improvement is the project overall tracking. All my Team members find it easy to keep up with the assigned activities and have proper tracking of each project status and time and resources spent. Everything is great so far.

Carolina Novais | SAP FICO Functional Consultant, IBM

WorkOtter is a great software program! Very easy to use to keep track of projects and maintain reports. I would highly recommend this to other project managers. The cost of the product is amazing for everything you get with this program! Great all around product!

Alecia Parker | Training Manager, Liberty University

This is perfect for organizations looking for an all-inclusive enterprise level project management software. It’s flexible enough to accommodate different roles and responsibilities. Different individuals on the team have dashboards that cater to their specific function on the team and on a project. The software also does a really good job at people resource management. I value the view that shows time allocated vs. overall availability of members on the team. There are business metrics built in that senior management will find very valuable in determining the overall business value of projects. Great for teams who want a sophisticated project management experience and flexible enough to accommodate all types of projects.

Ashley Greene | Greater Baltimore Medical Center