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One of the biggest constraints keeping your company from growing is resource availability. Companies that maximize productivity to their highest priorities will grow (and the rest will simply survive – at best).

WorkOtter’s top project resource planning & management software allows you to setup the roles, skills, and proficiencies to understand your capacity (supply). Demand is generated by project forecasts (easy to sophisticated) and dashboards provide visibility to over-allocation or under-utilization – before it happens. Make the most of every day and watch your company grow with WorkOtter project resource management software.

Resource Management Software

What Makes WorkOtter the Right Project Resource Management Software for You?

Here are the top reasons our customers tell us why they chose WorkOtter.

  • Flexible Forecasting By Project

    Your resource management forecasts are worthless unless everyone participates. Where other PPM solutions expect every project to have a workplan, WorkOtter project resource management software allows a more flexible project by project forecasting including:

    • Team Forecasts (Dates and % of Time Allocated is All You Enter)
    • Resource Plan Forecasts (Fill out a spreadsheet with hours per week for each role you need)
    • Workplan Forecasts (Microsoft Project or WorkOtter HTML5 Scheduled Plans)
    • Team/Workplan Hybrid (Set % of each team member but replace if workplan forecasts exist that week)

    No other project resource management software accommodates such flexible project by project forecasting, even allowing you to switch between settings (for example, setup a team forecast and switch to workplan once you have one to upload). WorkOtter is a project resource management software solution even the most project adverse managers can get behind.

  • Ask and Give Resource Staffing

    Resource managers told us “We just need to know when project managers need roles and tools to see who is available, with the flexibility to reassign or split requests among multiple people.” Project managers told us “If the resources can staff my project, I can assign them (waterfall) or we can self-manage our releases (Agile)”. WorkOtter has an innovative new ASK and GIVE module that does just that:

    • Project managers fill out and submit ASK requests
    • Resource managers staff people and projects from their GIVE dashboard
    • Integrated allocation reports show available candidates
    • Resource managers can see if Project Managers are effectively utilizing given resources

    WorkOtter dashboards and reports will save you time preparing and distributing reports that will give you the wisdom you need to succeed.

  • Balance Supply And Demand

    Resource Supply vs Demand. The “Holy Grail” of project portfolio management for any company is to understand their capacity (by role/proficiency), demand (projects from planning to assessment), and balance the two in a way that optimizes productivity (and minimizes expensive contract help). WorkOtter project resource management software achieves this simply through:

    • Detailed Supply vs Demand reporting
    • Views into resources performing work outside their roles
    • Connecting costs to people, roles, and projects to minimize planned (and actual) budgets
    • Showing available resources across the organization that can be re-directed to the projects that need them most
  • Robust Dashboards And Reports

    With any software solution, the knowledge and wisdom derived must exceed the administration and costs. Companies demand a modern, intuitive, and engaging reporting platform from which to build their key performance indicators and become more agile in today’s fast moving business environment. When it comes to dashboards and reports – WorkOtter project resource management software delivers:

    • Dozens of pre-built reports with more than 16 years of best practices built in
    • Reports can contain groups, charts, graphs, drill down, links, and conditions to bring them to life
    • Using the latest HTML5 animations moving your mouse over a report makes it come to life with details
    • Security by report allows you to set who can see, edit, share, copy, or build reports
    • Save reports as PDF, HTML, Word, Excel, OpenOffice, CSV, or XML and auto distribute to emails (even people who don’t own a license – a HUGE money saver vs other PPM software products)

Every WorkOtter Account Includes (No Extra Charge)

  • Private Cloud Services

    WorkOtter is hosted in a top tier, all steel frame, secure building. It is one of the largest facilities in the central United States. We designed our own cloud once we realized that public commercial clouds were slower, less secure, and more susceptible to performance issues.

  • Secured Data

    WorkOtter utilizes banking grade, non open source SSL encryption and is SOC2 (formerly SSAE -16 and SAS70) and U.S. Department of Commerce Safe Harbor Certified. We use only Oracle database services for further security, performance and up-time.

  • 24/7 Support

    As good as WorkOtter is, our personal support is better. You may not think that is very important if you are researching vendors, but we (and our customers) assure you – your implementation depends as much on the software features as the company that stands behind it.