Project Management Office vs Program Management Office 

Effective Resource Planning

There are a few main differences between a Project Management Office vs a Program Management Office. While it may seem like splitting hairs between the two to pick out the differences, they are actually quite different in terms of their contribution and roles to a business. 

Program Management

What is a Program Management Office? It can often be viewed as a group of related projects that are coordinated in a specific manner to achieve certain goals and benefits that cannot be achieved without. Effective program management provides a means for operating the strategy, and risks of a campaign. 

These programs can be viewed in a few ways. They are a group of projects that all aim to achieve the same or similar goals and objectives. They are grouped in the same category as they are related and can all achieve similar objectives.  Although they may be separate and handled by different teams, they all strive to reach a common goal. 

There is much more to program management than just a collection of similar objectives and goals. The goal is to implement a strategy by organizing people across departments to work towards a common purpose.

Project Management

What is a Project Management Office? A project management refers to a temporary project that is worked on to create a specific product or service.A project is team driven and designed to reach a specific goal or objective. Project management utilizes principles to achieve its goals and objectives. Some of these principles include: 

  • Defining project goals and objectives
  • Breakdown of tasks
  • Calculating metrics 
  • Cost management
  • Managing project resources

When these principles are implemented, they increase the chance of project success, inturn decreasing the chance of project failure. It is important to note that these principles are essential to project management. 

Scope Differences

The project management scope focuses on the project’s plan and its end product. It also focuses on the results that the project intends to achieve. It essentially is designed to focus narrowly, on one project for example, so that the detailed functions and variables that need to be implemented can be focused on within the project in means of the highest quality. 

One of the main differences between a Project Management Office vs a Program Management Office is that the program management scope is much more broad and less specific than the project management scope. This involves more strategic planning that is designed to achieve specific variables. For this to work, the team must have a strategy in place that sets the boundaries of difference between related products and projects.

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