Podcast: Simplify Your Project and Resource Management


Powerful. Cost-effective. Intuitive.

Those are the words you’d use to describe the best project management software for your business. But solutions that lived up to those standards were hard to find when Nick Matteucci co-founded VCSonline sixteen years ago.

Listen to our latest podcast on Technology Advice to learn how WorkOtter simplifies project management.

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How WorkOtter Simplifies Project Management

Back then, most enterprise-level project management (PM) tools were overpriced, complex, and challenging to implement. So Matteucci and his team set out to change that pattern with WorkOtter.

Flexible Project Management

WorkOtter offers a “cloud-based alternative which helps companies with some pretty critical things like project management, including Microsoft Project integration, portfolio management, resource management, and governance and financials.”

Matteucci believes that “agile, adaptive, and flexible” project management tools reflect the current culture of most businesses that seek iterative solutions in order to see “a more immediate return” on their investments.

Simpler Project Management Tools

Project management has changed a lot over the years. It’s become decentralized now that companies allow project leaders to choose their own solutions, rather than mandating one solution for everyone in the company— regardless of their role or needs.

Because of this, Matteucci has noticed a much-needed trend toward simplicity for PM tools. WorkOtter supports this movement, as his team aims to “really understand the user experience of every single person.” Simply put: they want their users to experience “an out-of-the-box familiarity.”

Client-Focused Project Management Solutions

Because of that, WorkOtter makes it a priority to work closely with their customers. Matteucci says that they “constantly work with [clients] one-on-one to build the tools that they want to use,” noting that “your customer will typically tell you exactly what they want.”

Matteucci cited a recent example of that kind of customer care when they built full two-way project management integration with Microsoft Project— something that only Microsoft themselves had previously accomplished. WorkOtter did this after realizing “customers didn’t just import a Microsoft Project plan …. They really want to be able to sync that through the life cycle.”

From listening closely to customers, to simplifying the user experience, to decreasing the cost and time necessary to integrate a viable project management solution, Matteucci and his team at WorkOtter keep striving to help enterprise-level businesses smartly and effectively use project management tools to keep their endeavors on track and on time.

To learn more about WorkOtter’s project management solutions, visit WorkOtter.com, or listen to the full TechnologyAdvice interview above.

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This interview was provided by TechnologyAdvice, an Inc. 5000 company that connects buyers and sellers of business technology through meaningful relationships. Interview conducted by Clark Buckner.