Grid Displays Allow Full Configuration & 2500% Faster (Major)



Added new grid pages for Projects, Service Requests, Organizations, People, Action Logs, Issues Logs, and Support Logs.

Features of the new grids:

-Cached server-side data, making page loads faster than ever

-Person-level customizable

               -Each user can choose which columns they want to see, and the order in which they appear for each grid, save off their selections, and then choose from their                selection of saved configurations

-Each user can save their own personal filters for each grid

           -Client-level customizable

                           -Admin users can define application default configurations for each grid to set which columns each user will see in each grid by default (before they establish their own custom configuration for that grid)



-Filter Toolbars with drop-downs



-Filter Toolbars with date pickers


-Row-level context menus


-Double click rows to load details view

-Persist Filter Option that allows saving your filter on a particular grid across page loads so you’re work is not lost by browsing to a new page.


-Draggable column ordering (Just drag a column header left or right to re-order it. Your ordering can be saved as part of the “Columns” configuration save)

-Instant record updates for People and Organization Grid via in-line checkboxes