Low Cost, Low Expectations – Right?

  • 97% of surveyed companies believe that project management (PM) is “critical to business performance and organizational success.”
  • 94% of surveyed companies agreed that PM enables business growth.
  • “The use of commercially available PM software drives higher levels of portfolio performance and greater satisfaction with an organization’s project management practices.”

These findings, from PriceWaterhouseCooper’s Insights and Trends: Current Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Practices, make a compelling argument for implementing PPM software.

Yet a key takeaway from the recently published Project Management User Research Report by Capterra, the online market place connecting enterprise software vendors and clients, found that a quarter (24%) of their survey respondents were neutral, dissatisfied, or very dissatisfied with their PPM solution. The users level of satisfaction with their system stemmed from how they buy it.

As we partner with clients and meet new prospects we’re always looking for the best client fit for our solution. In PPM, it isn’t one size fits all. Large financial investments don’t always buy you the best features or the functionality that will increase your productivity and grow your business.

Check out the full research from Capterra and let us know how satisfied you are with your PPM solution. Is cost pushing you to the 24% category?


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