Leverage WorkOtter’s Industry Leading Two-Way Jira Integration

Atlassian’s Jira is a powerful tool that more and more organization are beginning to take advantage of. We know – we use it ourselves every day. To better leverage WorkOtter’s powerful PPM tools and Jira in conjunction, we developed an industry leading two-way integration between the two. This is no clunky, complicated sync. In minutes, users can easily setup the integration and customize their experience. See what a two-integration between Jira and WorkOtter can do for you.

Two-Way Integration

WorkOtter offers two-way integration with Atlassian’s JIRA as one of the many ways to maintain the work within a project.  Other options include WorkOtter’s own web-based planning tools, Excel upload, MS Project Sync (2-way), and Project Libre (Open Source) Sync (2-way).

What two-way integration means for you:

  • You can map users from WorkOtter to Jira and vice versa meaning you can have the same users setup in both Jira and WorkOtter.

Jira Integration WorkOtter

  • Tasks, issues, sprints, notes, etc. can be added in Jira or WorkOtter and are reflected on both platforms.

Jira Tasks in WorkOtterJira Tasks Lists








  • Changes to items in Jira can be seen almost simultaneously in WorkOtter and changes in WorkOtter can be seen almost simultaneously in Jira.
  • Hours can be logged towards tasks, sprints, issues, etc. in both JIRA and WorkOtter and sync over to each.
  • You can customize your Jira sync settings from WorkOtter’s admin section so that your Jira and WorkOtter experiences closely match.

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