Healthcare Project Management Software

Healthcare Project Management Software

WorkOtter is a cloud based simpler, less expensive, and completely secure healthcare project management software solution that ends chaos, cuts through gridlock, and streamlines provider workloads to keep your projects and your PMO growing.

See for yourself why WorkOtter was named a Challenger on the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Adaptive Project Management and Reporting.

What makes WorkOtter the Best Project Management Software for Healthcare?

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Improve everything from task to workflow management with WorkOtter – the cost-effective and secure solution that delivers all the essential features for PMOs and Project Managers

Learn what makes WorkOtter the best healthcare project management software 

Managing Healthcare Projects Doesn't Have to Be Complicated

Project management is a crucial component of effective healthcare. This is largely due to the volume of balanced projects faced by the various healthcare providers in the industry. Healthcare also remains one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world today.

Medical professionals – from physical therapists to hospital staff and even primary care physicians in private practice – work to ensure they deliver quality services on time, every time. With significant patient loads and various health issues to address, this can get stressful.

Healthcare project management software from WorkOtter helps to streamline provider workloads by:

Why Choose WorkOtter As Your Project Management Healthcare Software?

Handle multiple projects simultaneously

Healthcare is an increasingly sophisticated industry with a plethora of advanced convoluted procedures. Most medical professionals have several goals, which include reaching quarterly patient objectives, delivering the highest-quality services, and consistently improving efficiency.

Reduce human Error

Healthcare projects require strict adherence to deadlines, necessitating transparent instructions. Human error is inevitable when project managers attempt to balance so much at once. However, complicated and complex projects become easy with healthcare project portfolio management software like WorkOtter.

Every WorkOtter Account Includes (No Extra Charge)

Private Cloud Services

WorkOtter is hosted in a top tier, all steel frame, secure building. It is one of the largest facilities in the central United States. We designed our own cloud once we realized that public commercial clouds were slower, less secure, and more susceptible to performance issues.

Secured Data

WorkOtter utilizes banking grade, non open source SSL encryption and is SOC2 (formerly SSAE -16 and SAS70) and U.S. Department of Commerce Safe Harbor Certified. We use only Oracle database services for further security, performance and up-time.

24/7 Support

As good as WorkOtter is, our personal support is better. You may not think that is very important if you are researching vendors, but we (and our customers) assure you – your implementation depends as much on the software features as the company that stands behind it.

Managing Healthcare Projects Made Easy

Part of the significant cost associated with the United States healthcare sector stems from some pretty glaring inefficiencies. Many providers still operate with file folders and yellow legal pads, which can easily lead to lost or misplaced reports.

Healthcare project management software from WorkOtter streamlines and organizes data reports, consolidating documentation in a centralized, cloud-based system. This helps healthcare project managers easily keep everything up-to-date, overseeing quality healthcare while managing budgets and time. Enhanced data analysis and reporting will help providers efficiently and adequately allocate resources, ensuring they properly prioritize all projects to offer the best services more profitably.

Managing tasks is challenging, especially when numerous teams are working on various tasks throughout the healthcare operation. Since everything needs to be recorded and reported in a uniform, standardized way, this only exacerbates frustrations and challenges for many healthcare project managers.

These challenges are precisely where the WorkOtter Healthcare project portfolio management software shines. Project Managers can take care of actually managing their teams and systems while the software handles the tasks and data. Plus, WorkOtter helps ensure that the information is immediately available to those who need it.

Costs go down as providers deploy their assets with maximum efficiency. Data and documents are kept up-to-date with immediate ease of access for all team members in a collaborative, cloud-based environment.

Finally, improved business data analysis and intelligence offer healthcare providers efficient project planning opportunities. Reporting systems are more systematic, offering project managers an enhanced, bird’s-eye view of operations, reducing risk and improving chances for success.

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WorkOtter understands the trials and tribulations that healthcare providers face daily, attempting to manage projects. Our healthcare project management software is the ideal solution to get the most out of all operations in a healthcare setting.


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