Government Project Management Software

Government Project Management Software

“#1 PPM for Ease of Use” – Gartner’s Software Advice (February 2021)

WorkOtter is a cloud based simpler, less expensive, and completely secure government project management software system that ends chaos, cuts through gridlock, and streamlines processes.

Managing Government Projects Doesn't Have to Be Complicated

In all government agencies, good project management ensures that a program remains effective and cost-efficient. Government workers have relied on project management methods for nearly a century, albeit predominantly reserved for military projects. However, today project management implementation takes place across all levels of government as a full-fledged tool in both civil and military agencies worldwide.

The government is now integrated across local, state, and national jurisdictions to help streamline services while eliminating potentially costly redundancies.

There is value to be found in completing projects on time and staying within budget, but project management helps to provide value to government-wide initiatives in various ways. Government projects also often fall under higher levels of scrutiny than others. Users must know that all user activity remains verified, access is limited, and all data is secure.

Trusted by all levels of government and agencies, WorkOtter government project management software provides a cloud-based, secure digital management landscape crucial for project success.

Why Choose WorkOtter As Your Pharma Project Management Software?

Detailed Project tracking

WorkOtter government project portfolio management software enables users to track and rank requests based on customizable factors. Users can use the tool suite to track the budget and costs throughout the entirety of a project with a translucent auditing trail and project data from start to finish. These features help to keep projects organized without waiting for approval and information feedback from contractors. 

Dashboards and Automation

Efficiently create submittals, punch lists, and more with WorkOtter’s government project management software. Dashboards include integrated workflow tools to help reduce project delays with automated approvals. Customize WorkOtter with detailed analytics and reporting to fine-tune current and future workflows.

Every WorkOtter Account Includes (No Extra Charge)

Private Cloud Services

WorkOtter is hosted in a top tier, all steel frame, secure building. It is one of the largest facilities in the central United States. We designed our own cloud once we realized that public commercial clouds were slower, less secure, and more susceptible to performance issues.

Secured Data

WorkOtter utilizes banking grade, non open source SSL encryption and is SOC2 (formerly SSAE -16 and SAS70) and U.S. Department of Commerce Safe Harbor Certified. We use only Oracle database services for further security, performance and up-time.

24/7 Support

As good as WorkOtter is, our personal support is better. You may not think that is very important if you are researching vendors, but we (and our customers) assure you – your implementation depends as much on the software features as the company that stands behind it.

Streamline Government Project Management With WorkOtter

Government agencies can easily empower their people to go above and beyond with WorkOtter’s government project portfolio management software. We designed this flexible platform to match the needs of virtually any team in any industry. WorkOtter makes it easy for anyone to plan, manage, capture, and report while working from anywhere. As a result, the government project management software works to assist and guide team members to optimal effectiveness and efficiency.

Use WorkOtter to analyze and report key metrics with real-time visibility of work as it happens. Provide workers with transparency into their role in project work, accomplishing things in a happier, more organized environment.

Like almost anywhere else, government work remains challenged by poor workplace environments, shortages, and turnover. For this reason, it remains critical for project managers to place individuals in roles where they are happy, capable, and effective. WorkOtter government project portfolio management software helps managers act as such, orchestrating all data and resources with ease.


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