I’ve used a few project management systems over the years, but they had some major drawbacks and weren’t very dynamic or easy to use. Right off the bat, being a visually-oriented person, I appreciated the intuitive, user-friendly layout of the WorkOtter interface and the ease with which I was able to begin using it. I reached out to the support team to help me get set up and I was up and running in no time – they were a breeze to work with. I’m big on customization so I appreciated being able to tailor the dashboards and displays to my specific needs. My team is small and this system has a ton of features for a small business to benefit greatly, but it also has advanced PM features, which I’m looking forward to integrating as my business grows.Another thing I love are the resource management and capacity planning features – it helps prevent over-allocation of hours and allows the team to easily keep up with their work and track time / statuses. The easy overviews and visual project timelines definitely helped streamline collaboration and communication.I use the reporting functions everyday – reports can be scheduled and automatically emailed to my team and include interactive visuals with really smart analytics. Highly recommend this system – wish I’d found it years ago as it would have made past project workflow much easier.


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