WorkOtter really takes into consideration all types of projects. The dashboard is visually appealing and easy to navigate, allowing for quick status updates. Plus it’s customizable based on your role in the organization. The user/resource management piece is most useful for my organization. Many systems allow you to assign resources, but WorkOtter is unique in that you can import your org structure into the system, creating a whole new level of resource management.
My favorite part is the ability to build or import templates and tools. As a Certified Project Manager through the Project Management Institute I always go to PMI to find templates that are relevant to my project. Having the ability to import these templates directly into my workflow is a huge benefit for me.

I would highly recommend WorkOtter for any project, large or small. This is next level management.
The resource management is incredible because it syncs with your org structure. The levels of project vs. portfolio management is helpful for a high level overview and displays nicely on the dashboard. The ability to import custom templates and tools is my personal favorite.

There are so many features you may not use them all, but they’re there when you need them!


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