WorkOtter has been great so far! I am usually a bit nervous whenever we pick up a new piece of software to start using, especially with something as critical as project management tools. The WorkOtter support team was great with onboarding and getting the team up to speed relatively quickly.Now that we’ve got the software set up and have had some time to move our projects over, we’re starting to see the full benefits. The email reports have been great and were really easy to customize to my liking.Clean dashboards seem to be a really popular feature these days and WorkOtter’s are pretty great. I like that I can keep the information I need right at the top and have other, less important information pushed down the page. Customizing the layout to my preferences was straightforward.All in all, my experience with the software has been great. It’s comforting to know that if any questions do come up, the support team is always responsive.


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