Features and Functionality (4 Star) I think there was some really unique and needed capabilities provided by the software. Sandbox to Production is a very nice feature when looking at an overall view of current and scheduled projects and the ability to see different scenarios prior to making public. Planning and scheduling seemed very easy to use along with Resources.

Templating is very important to PM and PO as the similarities and workflow are the same between many different programs and needing to create workflows for every program can be cumbersome, the time to build templates is worth the long-term time saving

Ease of Use (4 Star) While the video did not show all the features, the ones show pertaining to Portfolio, Project and Resource management seem to be easily understandable and relatively low training requirements for new users.

The sync between MSP and WorkOtter was a nice feature, however it didn’t appear to be a live sync and the user would need to upload/download/upload back and forth seemed to raise the question, why use this if I can manage in MSP it didn’t drive home that it would be a solution to no longer use MSP and a phasing-out solution could be used in this way.
I think most users are looking for a 1-all solution, to avoid different groups using one management solution while another group uses a different one.


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