I like that WorkOtter provides the ability to see the higher-level overview of projects/programs, resourcing, and financials – it’s all integrated so you can see real time where things are.

WorkOtter has great dashboard views that you can easily drill down into to see specifics.

The Workflow is really helpful. It also integrates with MS project and other PM tools which is a plus.

WorkOtter allows me to manage projects but also plan and forecast – easy to do what/if’s scenarios and to see how different scenarios impact resource planning.
I am both a manager and a project manager – I like that this tool allows me to see both the micro and macro view of where my projects and team are at any given time.
Not too much, I like it a lot. If I had to pick an issue it would be that it is dependent on the quality of that inputted data – but that is the case with any tool like this.


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