WorkOtter is the ideal project management tool. It empowers the project manager and his entire project team. It was designed with a system of systems engineering discipline but is also fully functional and feature rich in its own right.

I am a systems engineer and project manager and appreciate the fact that WorkOtter lets me look across many projects in one tool through its ability to interface with other project management tools such as Microsoft Project. The flexibility of WorkOtter to manage a linked project in its host environment or in the WorkOtter environment provides a valuable service to any project manager.

Overall, the tool is set up respecting industry standard processes and methods which gives it an authoritative feel. You don’t feel as though you’re cutting any corners.However, it’s also customizable so you can tailor the tool to provide only the functionality you need by simply not activating some choices on a project by project basis. By far, the best feature of WorkOtter is its superior ability to communicate
across projects, people, and organizational boundaries. Communication is the key to success in running any project and WorkOtter enables success as a communication tool.


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