This software transformed how our supply team handled our projects, this has given us complete control of each activity, and increased our productivity dramatically.
So, this program has done more for our company than any other that we have tried in the past.WorkOtter is a complete project management tool, it has a simple user interface, much simpler than some other of its competitors, but is also has advanced PM features as well.You can customize it to look basically just like you want it, if you want, you can arrange your projects in a portfolio, for example.
Any PM tool needs great storage as well, and WorkOtter gives you unlimited storage so you can link and attach documents without worrying about size.
You can assign tasks to other team members, and you can easily check status and track activity times as well.So, this is easily the most complete, user friendly and usefull Project Management tool I have ever tried. Definitely recommend it.


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