As a project manager I am always looking for ways to add a visual aspect of projects to share with my team and with WorkOtter’s dashboards I can make this happen. Role management is also a great way to keep my team organized and focused on only the data and elements that they need to see.

The resource management tool is a lifesaver. It allows me to track my team’s utilization as well as scale up or down the resources I need to get any project completed on time and under budget – without burning out my team members.

MS Project sync is another excellent feature to get a project started in WorkOtter. I can work out the details I need regarding my project privately via MS Project and then upload it to WorkOtter so that my team can view the plans, resources and budgets as needed. The option to continue working in MS Project or switch entirely to WorkOtter is valuable and seamless.

I also find the ability to easily create custom reporting on the fly a feature of great importance. Quite frequently I am called upon to present timelines, budgets or resource constraints which makes it helpful to present data in an easily readable format to my customers or executives in a timely manner.

WorkOtter is a great tool in a market of sub par competitors. If you are a Program /Project Manager, Solution Designer or Developer, WorkOtter will help you stay on track and remain informed of your responsibilities and those of your team members.

The dashboards are easy to create and full of valuable information. The role management capability is crucial to managing resources and budgets. The governance model helps team members understand the work flow and how things get done.

The software needs to be more flexible to integrate with 3rd party solutions outside of MS project. There is no way to track time inside of the application via timer.


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