I was introduced to the WorkOtter software as a way to manage the complexities of managing projects with multiple moving pieces in a browser environment. The dashboards are simple to understand and reliably function as intended. For me, reliability of software is an important concern, and this software appears to be reliable.

Having worked on multi billion dollar projects, I can appreciate the need for top level views of performance of various areas, and WorkOtter provides clean and crisp graphics to give project managers and organizational managers the analysis and insight that are needed to maintain a project’s budget and scheduling requirements.

One of my favorite parts of the WorkOtter software is the integration with Microsoft Project. The ability to have an immediate graphical representation of the budgetary and scheduling impact of work done in MSP gives valuable insight to project management teams.

Thank you for introducing me to this product. I will be sure to recommend it to my colleagues in need of such software.
I appreciate the integration with Microsoft Project. This allows users to capture necessary detail beyond what a browser based project management tool can offer.
I would like to be able to group organizations and view metrics such as CPI and SPI for these organizations and sub-organizations. It would also be nice to have integration from costing software such as Deltek Cobra.


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