I really love how simple the tool really is, with that I mean, if a have a new Junior PM or Project coordinator in the team, will be easy for that collegue to get into track very quicky, is not like other tools where you have to spend hours and hours in training. Next to that, the tool also provides with amaizing advanced PM features that allows me to have everything under control, create reports, update status, check changes and all that.

Another great part of the software is how interactive the reports are, as a Project Manager i am always looking to provide with information in the most simple way possible, WorkOtter allows me to do that but without leaving behind the visual and interactive side of it.
A project usually mean time and time will ALWAYS mean money, one of our favorite tools as PM in order to have time under control are the Gantt charts, WorkOtter offer me a great variaty of interactive features in order to make my charts more useful and correlative at the same time, is incredible the amount of information that you can get from a good structurated Gantt charts, thanks to this tool now I can provide the status to the folks almost everyday without spending hours updating the chart and the info.
I will like to been able to personalize the user guide interface of the software according to a specific project or company, this talking about branding and marketing. For example, when I am in a meeting been able to personalize the reports and tools


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