My team’s view on our PMO forecasting has never been more positive. WorkOtter lets me easily track and manage the assignments of resources while juggling multiple programs and client needs. None of my other tools have been hindered since I can hook right into MS Project and still provide the other reports my stakeholders are looking for. Plus there are some new reports within WorkOtter that give a new view into the allocation without having to re-schedule planning in another tool. Scheduling the reporting outputs into weekly emails is a cool feature and has worked well by eliminating standing meetings that previously took too much time to cover the resourcing status to various directors. Team forecasting has greatly improved since being introduced into WorkOtter, and that saves us from finding out from clients where projects are either over or under allocated. Now we have the views to address needs with much more agility. The sandbox tool for project and portfolio planning helps our teams in planning sessions without having to save off multiple baselines before committing to our selected revisions.


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