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WorkOtter is a cloud based simpler, less expensive, and completely secure engineering project management software system that ends chaos, cuts through gridlock, and keeps your projects and your PMO growing.

See for yourself why WorkOtter was named a Challenger on the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Adaptive Project Management and Reporting.

What do the experts say about WorkOtter Engineering Management Software?

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 Simplify your work with WorkOtter – the cost-effective and secure solution that delivers all the essential features for PMOs and Project Managers

Learn what makes WorkOtter the best engineering project management software

Managing Engineering Projects Doesn't Have to Be Complicated

Engineering projects can be resource heavy, with teams spread around the world working on highly planned timelines. Collaboration, access and flexibility are key to a project’s success. Everyone wants the best engineering project management software available, but they don’t want to be hampered by a complex, expensive or rigid EPM that produces more gridlock than results and slows innovation.

Real Time Collaboration

Communication and collaboration is crucial to the overall project's success. WorkOtter allows everyone on the team to easily stay up-to-date on project progress.

Keep Track of Everything

Tracking time and keeping a budget of complicated engineering projects the traditional spreadsheet way can be next to impossible. Leverage WorkOtter's automated reports.

Handle Multiple Projects

Engineering project managers regularly handle multiple large and complicated projects simultaneously, change between one project to another with ease within WorkOtter.


Accomplish repetitive and redundant tasks with ease, saving your company money on the overall project cost and allowing managers and TMs to spend their time on more valuable efforts.

Why Makes WorkOtter the Best Project Management Software for Engineering Firms?


WorkOtter lets you run your engineering projects on our private cloud, giving you anytime, anywhere access, without the need to:

  • Purchase Servers
  • Install Software
  • Manage Patches and Upgrades
  • Configure Networks

We have a 99.999% up-time guarantee and are continuously monitoring and updating our cloud to keep your engineering projects running. Check out why WorkOtter is one of the most popular project management software programs available.


WorkOtter SaaS project management software has class leading issue, risk, change, action, and support items as well as integrated workplan scheduling. Regardless no one wants to setup every project from scratch. WorkOtter SaaS solutions for small business allow you to create project templates directly (or as a copy of a past successful project). The templates can contain any of the following for ease of reuse:

  • Workplan (including duration, work, dependencies, and assignments)
  • Risks
  • Action items
  • Generic Roles (and proficiencies)
  • Team members (and their roles on this project)

Unlike other solutions that limit your templates to just workplan items, WorkOtter SaaS project management software allows much more complete capability and with the “copy” feature it’s easy to setup different templates for specific scenarios. This saves you time and allows you to continuously improve by updating the templates for future projects. Small business gets SaaS business software without the EPM cost.


Your resource management forecasts are worthless unless everyone participates. Where other PPM solutions expect every project to have a workplan, WorkOtter allows a more flexible project by project forecasting including:

  • Team Forecasts (Dates and % of Time Allocated is All You Enter)
  • Resource Plan Forecasts(Fill out a spreadsheet with hours per week for each role you need)
  • Workplan Forecasts (Microsoft Project or WorkOtter HTML5 Scheduled Plans)
  • Team/Workplan Hybrid (Set % of each team member but replace if workplan forecasts exist that week)

No other engineering project resource management software accommodates such flexible project by project forecasting, even allowing you to switch between settings (for example, setup a team forecast and switch to workplan once you have one to upload). WorkOtter is a resource management solution even the most project adverse managers can get behind.


For every PM that loves Microsoft Project, others quickly become frustrated and lose productivity. WorkOtter allows you to use a web-based “MSP like” light HTML5 project planner. Start with a template, import a MSP plan, or create it from scratch. Most loved features include:

  • Drop/drag to move work, create dependencies, and update work percent complete
  • One click chats, documents, baseline, EVM, and CPM
  • Inline edit on the grid side
  • Setup projects as Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, or Custom work types and hierarchy
  • Expand, collapse, and adjust the interface to match your work style

All this (and more) in a “desktop like” experience with ribbon bars, context menus (right click), and features you would expect in a system infinitely more expensive than WorkOtter.

Some of Our Clients...

Every WorkOtter Account Includes (No Extra Charge)

Private Cloud Services

WorkOtter is hosted in a top tier, all steel frame, secure building. It is one of the largest facilities in the central United States. We designed our own cloud once we realized that public commercial clouds were slower, less secure, and more susceptible to performance issues.

Secured Data

WorkOtter utilizes banking grade, non open source SSL encryption and is SOC2 (formerly SSAE -16 and SAS70) and U.S. Department of Commerce Safe Harbor Certified. We use only Oracle database services for further security, performance and up-time.

24/7 Support

As good as WorkOtter is, our personal support is better. You may not think that is very important if you are researching vendors, but we (and our customers) assure you – your implementation depends as much on the software features as the company that stands behind it.

WorkOtter At Its Best

WorkOtter helps engineers streamline their workflow, breaking down larger projects into smaller, more accomplishable tasks. The software also helps project companies to monitor their budget and time, ensuring things get done right, on time, and for the agreed-upon amount.

Is an engineering team ready to begin a new project? Are they utilizing their resources optimally? Every company will inevitably face these questions. With WorkOtter, our software provides companies with the flexibility and comprehensive data they need to say “Yes.”

Our engineering project management software features customizable chart types with drill-down reporting. PMs and TMs can also easily send this data to individuals outside the engineering organization at no additional cost.

Every WorkOtter account includes our private cloud services. Our data storage is entirely cloud-based. We host WorkOtter services in one of the largest and most secure facilities in the Central US, providing enhanced security, speed, and performance over other public and commercial clouds. Cloud-based project portfolio management (PPM) enables team members and project leaders access to projects and data from anywhere, anytime.

The WorkOtter PPM solution is the ideal alternative to potentially costly, bulky tools on the market today. For a simple, sensible solution to engineering project management needs, our system can cut out the chaos while helping guide engineering firms to steady, sustainable growth and success.

Looking For A Project Management Software For Engineers?

Project management software specially tailored for the engineering industry works to help users define the scope and path for long-term projects. WorkOtter will accomplish this for you while fostering and growing communication and collaboration team members and clients.


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