Consumer Goods Project Management Software

Consumer Goods Project Management Software

“#1 PPM for Ease of Use” – Gartner’s Software Advice (February 2021)

WorkOtter is a cloud based simpler, less expensive, and completely secure consumer goods project management software system that ends chaos, cuts through gridlock, and streamlines processes.

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 Simplify your work with WorkOtter – the cost-effective and secure solution that delivers all the essential features for PMOs and Project Managers

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Managing Consumer Goods Projects Doesn't Have to Be Complicated

Competition is stiff in the consumer goods industry. Most of the world relies on consumer goods products. The household names behind these provisions remain in close competition. To stay relevant, these consumer goods companies must stay on the cutting edge of innovation while changing with a seemingly ever-changing market.

Product development projects are complex in any field. However, managing projects for the consumer goods industry requires multiple team members from cross-functional teams. Unfortunately, many companies still utilize a “bits and pieces” approach to planning and executing their projects.

Today, organizations must embrace technology, implementing quality consumer goods project management software with automation. Software solutions like WorkOtter can address the entire spectrum of the consumer goods industry, from idea generation and evaluation to conversion and management processes.

The Benefits of WorkOtter Integration

Manage Projects From a Single Location

Consumer goods companies face the unique challenge of managing scale and speed within a project portfolio. WorkOtter project portfolio management software makes things easy for users to prioritize and execute jobs and tasks within diverse portfolios. Data tracking, analysis, and reporting are all completely customizable, giving users the tools and opportunity to customize how, when, and what they want to track.

Finally, WorkOtter’s consumer goods project management software is a secure, cloud-based system. This allows multiple team members and managers to work cohesively on any task or project easily from wherever, whenever.

Evaluate Opportunities and Track Performance

Let’s face it, when it comes to any goods or services industry, financial performance is essential. 

WorkOtter’s flexibility and customization tools help managers and other workers track overall financial performance for projects and individual retailers or product numbers. Our consumer goods project management software can streamline time through process optimization. The software expedites the potential costs and downtime associated with outputting information, analysis, and resource allocation.

Integrate Supply Chains and Shorten Project Lead Times

Security and risk management are crucial to overall success in the consumer goods industry. By mitigating potential supply chain risks, WorkOtter ensures that company market strategies stay on track. Our consumer goods project portfolio management software allows project managers to incorporate custom-tailored supply chain designs directly into the heart of the project development process.

WorkOtter also helps to manage and handle product variations that can add significant complexity to the product production pipeline. Our software suite makes it easy to review and manage the current and future pipeline value alongside other vital metrics. After all, the consumer goods industry is nothing without products and market opportunities. With WorkOtter’s cloud-based toolkit, an entire team can evaluate potential strengths and weaknesses, in addition to market opportunities.

Every WorkOtter Account Includes (No Extra Charge)

Private Cloud Services

WorkOtter is hosted in a top tier, all steel frame, secure building. It is one of the largest facilities in the central United States. We designed our own cloud once we realized that public commercial clouds were slower, less secure, and more susceptible to performance issues.

Secured Data

WorkOtter utilizes banking grade, non open source SSL encryption and is SOC2 (formerly SSAE -16 and SAS70) and U.S. Department of Commerce Safe Harbor Certified. We use only Oracle database services for further security, performance and up-time.

24/7 Support

As good as WorkOtter is, our personal support is better. You may not think that is very important if you are researching vendors, but we (and our customers) assure you – your implementation depends as much on the software features as the company that stands behind it.

Some of Our Clients...

Production? Supply? Management? Distribution? Streamline Everything with WorkOtter

No two projects are identical. Leaders in the consumer goods arena must find a project management solution that can be configured to the unique needs of every project and every business. WorkOtter integrates seamlessly with existing workflows and existing applications.

Businesses in today’s technology-first environment must adapt to change. However, this is much easier when utilizing a best-in-class, simple user interface that encourages experience and social collaboration between various teams. Streamline and optimize the consumer goods experience with WorkOtter project management software today.


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