Finish What You Start

Seeking Clarity

Company culture, organization culture, program culture, and project culture: when all these cultures exist in harmony with one another, you have the greatest opportunity for effective project delivery because you have intense clarity. Earlier we defined clarity as “freedom from … Read More

What we say

WorkOtter was founded by Big-5 management consultants in 1998.  Prior to WorkOtter, we were engaged by companies of all sizes to improve their project, resource, and portfolio management capabilities.Our engagements began with process improvement and ended with selecting leading project … Read More

PPM without Getting Fired? Step 4: Find a Bad Cop

I am constantly giving WorkOtter demos based on features people want in their resource and project management software.  More often than not the implementation is botched, the wrong tool is selected, training is ignored, the process is non-existent (or stifling), … Read More

Low Cost, Low Expectations – Right?

97% of surveyed companies believe that project management (PM) is “critical to business performance and organizational success.” 94% of surveyed companies agreed that PM enables business growth. “The use of commercially available PM software drives higher levels of portfolio performance … Read More

Tackling IT Project Challenges

“What kind of project manager or consultant are you?” This question got us thinking about how we approach our own projects and those of our clients. When we built WorkOtter we were a two-man startup trying to change the world … Read More

Projects Build the Cities of the Future

Whether you loved to build with Lego and create towns, carefully crafted cabins with Lincoln Logs or dreamed of futuristic cities with out-of-this world technology, everyone has given thought to the cities of the future in some way. Population growth, … Read More

PPM without getting fired? Step 1: Sell the Promised Land

  “A mediocre idea that generates enthusiasm will go further than a great idea that inspires no one.” –Mary Kay Ash founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics So your company is ready to ditch their ineffective project management software or end … Read More

End “Management by Screaming Loudest”? Step 2: Understand Capacity by Role and Proficiency

6 Things a PM Can’t Say to Their Boss Any Longer

We work in an ever changing and disruptive world. Many products, and companies, we found indispensable five years ago have been replaced with better, faster, cheaper or more convenient products. The stress of our disruptive new world order has changed … Read More

Project Management Failures: Search for Malaysia Air FL370

Malaysia Air Flight 370 vanished on March 8, 2014 while en route from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing. In the weeks that followed there was international finger pointing, government accusations of ineptitude, public distrust and the perception of thousands of … Read More


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