Program Performance Analysis Metrics

Ultimately, program managers are judged on results. Creating a positive program culture that facilitates excellent project management should produce excellent results. Having the correct program manager attributes, knowing how to manage stakeholders, implementing the most effective program process strategy, deploying … Read More

Project Management Governance Model Template and Governance PMO

Project Management Governance Model Template and Governance PMO The development of project management and the need for project governance As a discipline project management has come a long way since the early 1950s when the focus shifted from simply delivering … Read More

End “Management by Screaming Loudest”? Step 1: Score Business Value

An oldie but a goody! As we wind through summer vacations, staff members out of the office and competing priorities, we’re re-sharing a great blog post from last summer on how to manage the manager. Project priorities are frequently decided … Read More

Program and Project Management

Program Management Facilitates Success An organization that can learn, change, and adapt rapidly is destined for success. Unfortunately, many organizations today exist in a state of chaos, meaning learning, changing, and adapting are not the norm. These companies exist in … Read More

Eliminate Project Chaos

I have spoken to and trained thousands of project managers. Most of them work in an environment filled with chaos. Project management is a profession in which you must always be able to deal with change, because there is usually … Read More


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