World Fuel Services

World Fuel Services


World Fuel Services Corporation (NYSE: INT) is a global leader in the downstream marketing and financing of aviation, marine, and ground transportation fuel products and related services. They have a global team of 60 strategically located global offices delivering services at 8,000 locations in 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Prior to WorkOtter© implementation, World Fuel Services had serious issues around project management. “We couldn’t say ‘What is the real story? What is the real objective? Who is sponsoring this?’ as it related to projects, issues and how organizational resources were decked to initiatives,” said Steve Weissenborn, World Fuel Services president. The company reached out to us for WorkOtter a cloud-based project portfolio management (PPM) solution for companies looking to do more with less.

WorkOtter provided World Fuel Services with a single point of control, visibility and information on key cross organizational projects, as well as systems maintenance items. It allowed top executives to be more responsive and accountable for key enterprise projects and direct limited resources.

“WorkOtter was a good fit for World Fuel Services. There were more complex tools on the market, but we needed something that was very straightforward and intuitive versus being over complicated. In our world the tools couldn’t be a ‘beast to feed’, we needed to be able to add projects quickly for decisions and value assessment on the fly. WorkOtter allowed us to do that,” explains Weissenborn. “WorkOtter also had a great workflow process for projects, which we were able to tailor to our specific governance process. This was very helpful in allowing executives to see exactly ‘where things are’ and put their fingers on status reporting and dashboard reporting on key projects.

WorkOtter was able to customize the solution to the specific governance process, value criteria and project tracking needs at World Fuel Services for implementation in just eight weeks. “WorkOtter was more concerned with ensuring that we understood our governance process and tailoring the solution to meet the specific needs of our business than just ‘selling software.’ They walked the walk and were very customer conscious” continues Weissenborn. WorkOtter hosted the solution in their privately managed cloud for World Fuel Services and remote users were able to access the application across the U.S. and from the U.K.

“WorkOtter provided tremendous value add and we looked at them as a strong example of a true business partner. They helped us shape our governance process, and we had little previous context for it outside of a few executives,” said Weissenborn. “They have been very supportive, both on-site and offsite.”

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