Wildflower International


Wildflower International is a leading provider of information technology to the U.S. federal government and New Mexico’s largest woman-owned business. Since 1991, Wildflower has delivered world class products and services with a philosophy towards improving itself, its business partners, and its community. Wildflower is deeply committed to the issues of security, collaboration, and customer service and were looking for a world class platform to deliver on that promise with U.S. federal government contracts. The company implemented WorkOtter© as a cloud-based project portfolio management (PPM) solution to increase their collaboration as an affordable alternative to enterprise applications.

“We evaluated all the cloud-based PPM and enterprise project management (EPM) software on the market before deciding on WorkOtter. WorkOtter stood out for its attractive pricing and ability to configure exactly to our process, but most important was the personal support we received every day,” stated Wildflower CEO Kimberly DeCastro. “Now that WorkOtter has become our project delivery system we really appreciate the ability to build project templates, edit an entire work plan, manage our unique life cycle, and collaborate with clients without requiring everyone be a certified project manager.”

“Cloud-based, hosted solution adoption is highest in applications that support simplified, common business processes or large, distributed virtual workforce teams. Ease of use, rapid deployment, limited upfront investment in capital and staffing, plus a reduction in software management responsibility all make hosted applications a desirable alternative to many on-premises solutions, they act as drivers of growth,” said Sharon Mertz, research director at Gartner.

“Working with Wildflower was a match made in heaven,” said WorkOtter Co-Founder and CEO, Nick Matteucci. “Their existing processes were really the gold standard for U.S. government contract management. WorkOtter allowed them to take their process and move it to the cloud with our simple, flexible, and secure PPM solution to increase collaboration and efficiency. The combination fundamentally changed the game for U.S. federal government program management. There really was really no way we could fail.”

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