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Project Management Governance Model Template and Governance PMO

Project Management Governance Model Template and Governance PMO The development of project management and the need for project governance As a discipline project management has come a long way since the early 1950s when the focus shifted from simply delivering … Read More

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Keeping Projects on the Right Tips Track and Top Project Manager Schedule

Keeping Projects on the Right Tips Track and Top Project Manager Schedule Tips for Keeping Your Projects on Track Managing and tracking a project comes with its fair share of challenges. No one ever says being a project manager is … Read More

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IT Operations Management Software Solutions for the small business and large scale industry

PROJECT AND OPERATIONS In every organization, there are ultimately only two aspects of work – they are the on-going operations and projects. A project can be given so many different definitions. Over time different definitions have been given to the … Read More

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What Makes An Excellent Project Manager?

WHAT MAKES AN EXCELLENT PROJECT MANAGER? A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to form a unique product, service or result. The environment in which a project is carried out is different from an organization’s regular operations. Therefore, a project … Read More

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Communicating the PPM Value Proposition to Your Boss

I was recently asked, “How do you communicate the “value” of a PPM solution to your client/boss?” Step 1: Set your goals with your boss/client? In my opinion there are only 3 real strategies that these goals should directly relate … Read More

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10 Resource Allocation Tips for Project Managers

10 Resource Allocation Tips for Managers Resource allocation can also be considered a plan, which you develop using the resources that are available at your disposal during a project. Resource allocation is a short-term goals road map. We have compiled … Read More

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Baseline Budget for your Project Management Direct and Indirect Costs Control Services

Baseline Budgets One of the major limitations when it comes to starting a project is cost. One of the biggest challenges that awaits a project manager is determining exactly when to set a budget baseline. If you are looking to … Read More

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Build a Solid Team

Our blog series – “Master Project Management” covers some of the essentials of the art and science of project management. It talks about defining true needs, building a solid team, and performing a financial analysis. It addresses how you can … Read More

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Understand the Project Manager Role

Project management is both a science and an art. The project manager is both scientist and artist. The science side is learning how to define, coordinate, and document the work; digging for the true need, not a superficial solution someone … Read More

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Closing Thoughts

Ultimately, program managers are judged on results. Creating a positive program culture that facilitates excellent project management should produce excellent results. Having the correct program manager attributes, knowing how to manage stakeholders, implementing the most effective program process strategy, deploying … Read More

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