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Since 1998, we have started every day with one goal: To make awesome PPM software that is easy to use (so you will actually want to use it). Your success is our passion and if you give us a chance to show you what great software and support looks like, you will never go back to the other Gartner Magic Quadrant vendors again.

Who we are:

And Whom We REALLY Are.

Who we are:

WorkOtter is a SaaS project portfolio management (PPM) solution that is a simple, sensible, and affordable alternative to the other Gartner Magic Quadrant vendors Enterprise Project Management (EPM) servers.

WorkOtter is ideal for new product development and IT organizations ready to reach their full potential by eliminating project management chaos and gridlock.

Customers can start using WorkOtter with a single user on our private, secure, and certified cloud, and pay monthly only for active accounts.

Key WorkOtter features include Project Management Institute (PMI) tools, Microsoft Project integration, document management, resource management, financials, messaging, timesheets, program management, and ad-hoc dashboards.

Whom we really are:

We are a thorn in the side of Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, CA, IBM and other companies that buy up guys like us and charge customers 10x more with terrible service and bugs that never get fixed.

We are passionate developers, caring partners, and rabid supporters of our customers who have entrusted us (against the dire warnings from our competitors) with their project, resource, and portfolio management needs.

We have fought through 2 1/2 recessions, countless threats to “bury us”, and hundreds of attempts to be bought, influenced, discounted, or minimized.

WorkOtter is all that we do and all we will ever do. It is our life’s work and it shows in every click, call, and collaboration we have.

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Are you passionate about helping companies reach their full potential? Like working in a dynamic small company where you are free to set your own priorities to better meet the customer’s needs? We are always looking for gifted developers, sales, and marketing gurus who want to change the world (and do what the other Gartner Magic Quadrant vendors say can’t be done).

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