5 Main Challenges in Project Portfolio Management in 2023

5 Main Challenges in Project Portfolio Management in 2023

The main challenges of enterprise project portfolio management vary from enterprise to enterprise. However, project portfolio management challenges are universal across industries, ranging in scope from data visibility, which is your ability to see critical data points throughout your enterprise, and risk management. These project portfolio management challenges can hamstring even the most well-managed companies.

Five Challenges Solved by Professional PPM

The main challenges of enterprise project portfolio management become apparent as a company grows. As more parts and plans are added to the proverbial mix of a successful enterprise, otherwise known factors are obscured and not relayed to the correct channels.

As a result, PPM software is essential for small and medium-sized businesses, as it allows them to operate as effectively and efficiently as a state-wide enterprise by giving them total data transparency.

Data Visibility

One of the most significant project portfolio management challenges is data visibility. Addressing current issues in portfolio management correctly is only possible if you grasp the complete picture and have every data point available. Software conducting project portfolio management challenges data visibility by giving you access to every piece of information available, and leaves key facts transparent.

Ineffective Collaboration

Alongside data visibility, project portfolio management challenges start to show when team members and groups cannot effectively collaborate or communicate. Because all data is only partially visible to you and your operators, you would never know if a specific project is stumbling due to miscommunication or delayed information retrieval.

Risk Management

Risk management is data that covers human, product, and financial resources. Whenever something is done in your enterprise, knowing the risks and rewards and factors that can lead to either is crucial. You can effectively manage risk without feeling left out of the equation by accessing risk solutions through project portfolio management software.

Aligned Objectives with Goals

Enterprise objectives are often stepping stones to company goals. Portfolio management software helps identify when certain objectives are not contributing to company goals and can be used to help implement effective change that moves productivity toward the intended success marker.

Monitor Trends and Competitors

Since project portfolio management software makes data transparent and easily accessible, it allows you to monitor and watch market trends for your products and services. This can give a company the necessary edge to stay relevant in a rapidly changing marketplace or field and minimizes the capabilities of competitors to “one-up” the situation by having access to an unknown variable.

Modern Solutions for Modern Businesses

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A lack of information is the most significant contributing factor to an enterprise’s decline and failure. Ensure you have every necessary data point with PPM software that is easy to use and dangerously effective.


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