Tour Continues: A Day in the Life with WorkOtterPick a persona below to see how WorkOtter meets the needs of key stakeholders in your organization.


Meet Jeff (Customer/Sponsor)

Jeff enters new requests, submits issues, and suggests changes. He also accepts deliverables and assesses projects.

Favorite Features:

  • Issue Management
  • Automated Emails and Reports
  • Assess Projects and Approve Work

Meet Melony (Department Manager)

Melony reviews customer requests, prioritizes projects, manages her resources, and monitors key metrics.

Favorite Features:

  • Built-In and Adhoc Dashboard Reporting
  • Forecasts and Actuals (Time Management)
  • Workflow and Templates

Meet Eric (Project Manager)

Eric manages all aspects of his project and is in constant communication with customers, suppliers, team, and management.

Favorite Features:

  • 2-Way Microsoft Project Sync
  • Easy Web-Based Project Planning
  • Document Management

Meet Janan (Resource Manager)

Janan balances supply with the demand for resources. She staffs projects and limits the need for contractors by forecasting

the future.

Favorite Features:

  • Supply vs Demand of Resource Reporting
  • Project ASK / Resource Manager GIVE Staffing
  • Global Resource Replacement

Meet Kevin (Team Member)

Kevin enters time, collaborates, and provides status on everything he is assigned to.

Favorite Features:

  • My Work Dashboard gets him in and out FAST
  • Timesheet has built in status reporting for single entry
  • Calendars Show When Everything Due and Links to Outlook

Every WorkOtter Account Includes (No Extra Charge)