WorkOtter’s cloud-based PPM software

Provides management and oversight of your programs, projects, and resources to align
and improve execution with your company goals.


    Broad Visibility

    Manage and optimize many kinds of project and program groupings, including project, IT service, product and application portfolios.

    Lightweight Process

    Captures requests, prioritizes projects, simplifies decision making, manages projects, and provides post-project assessments.

    Strategic Planning

    Understand how different hiring and budget options will affect future project completions.


    Easy to Use

    Run and adjust reports/dashboards for out-of-the-box or custom metrics.

    Easy to Customize and Distribute

    Personalize dashboards and reports by company, department, or users and easily distribute to internal or external stakeholders

    60+ Preconfigured Reports

    Use industry best-practice reports to discover new insights and see how leading companies are performing PPM


    Maximize Resources

    Top-down and bottom-up visibility allows comprehensive What-If Scenario planning to ensure resources are used most productively.

    Balance the Load

    Move assignments from over utilized staff to those with availability.

    Capacity and Demand Planning

    Determine what you can accomplish with existing resources or assess additional needs for committed projects.

    Improve Performance

    Assign tasks suited to skills, provide clear expectations, track time, and provide team feedback along the way


    Powerful Features

    Gives project managers extensive features to streamline project planning track tasks, risks, milestones, deliverables, and interdependencies.

    Publish Project Schedules

    Make project details visible to every stakeholder to identify and fix issues before impacting the portfolio.

    Alert and Notifications

    Notifications are sent to responsible parties for resolution and to keep everyone in the loop


    Fewer Rogue Projects

    Project can’t hide so they go through the lightweight governance process to make sure people aren’t working on low-priority projects.

    Better Resource Management

    Visibility into Agile tool data ensures resource management can be done with complete information.

    Automatic Two-way Data Syncing

    Changes made in one system are reflected in the other to make sure everyone is sees everything.


    Stay on-Budget

    Keep every project on-time and on-budget. Monitor time, expenses, and budgets.

    Strategic Spending

    Map your spending to strategic goals. Connect costs to delivered value. Justify headcount and expenses.

    Financial Reporting

    Report on estimates vs. actuals, budgeting, forecasting, and costs vs. benefits



    Seamlessly integrate with the tools you already use such as Microsoft Project, Jira, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and more.

    Share Data

    Synchronize data between applications to allow departments to ‘ continue to use the tools they love while still seeing the big picture in WorkOtter.


    User Management

    Create users and give permissions by role, projects and more.

    SSO Login

    Secure, single sign-on means no passwords for your users.

    Highly Secure

    Banking grade, non open source SSL encryption and SOC2 (formerly SSAE -16 and SAS70) and U.S. Department of Commerce Safe Harbor Certified.