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Low Cost, Low Expectations – Right?

97% of surveyed companies believe that project management (PM) is “critical to business performance and organizational success.” 94% of surveyed companies agreed that PM enables business growth. “The use of commercially available PM software drives higher levels of portfolio performance and greater satisfaction with an organization’s project management practices.” These findings, from PriceWaterhouseCooper’s Insights and Trends: Current Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Practices, make a compelling argument for implementing PPM software. Yet a key takeaway from the recently published Project Management User Research Report by Capterra, the online market place connecting enterprise software vendors and clients, found that a quarter […]

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End “Management by Screaming Loudest”? Step 1: Score Business Value


An oldie but a goody! As we wind through summer vacations, staff members out of the office and competing priorities, we’re re-sharing a great blog post from last summer on how to manage the manager. Project priorities are frequently decided by emotionally charged managers who scream, politic, and subvert in order to push their agenda forward. This kind of “Management by Screaming the Loudest” demoralizes the workforce and buries the RIGHT projects that can better satisfy customers, lower costs, and transform your business. Here are our favorite ways to end the shrieking in your organization and replace it with a […]

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Tackling IT Project Challenges

“What kind of project manager or consultant are you?” This question got us thinking about how we approach our own projects and those of our clients. When we built WorkOtter we were a two-man startup trying to change the world of project management. As we’ve grown, the solution grew – working with big companies, installing on an enterprise level, and challenging the players of traditional project management. But the best part of the job is still working with the start-ups, the guys who are innovating and working through some of the most complex projects out there. And WorkOtter is still […]

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Projects Build the Cities of the Future

Whether you loved to build with Lego and create towns, carefully crafted cabins with Lincoln Logs or dreamed of futuristic cities with out-of-this world technology, everyone has given thought to the cities of the future in some way. Population growth, globalization and urban sprawl have necessitated city planning on a pace never seen before. These new cities must account for environmental challenges, technological innovation and infrastructure needs we can only imagine. Building these cities brings together the best in urban planning, academia, and a profession you may not expect – Project Manager. This article from PMI shares a fascinating view […]

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Podcast: Simplify Your Project and Resource Management

Powerful. Cost-effective. Intuitive. Those are the words you’d use to describe the best project management software for your business. But solutions that lived up to those standards were hard to find when Nick Matteucci co-founded VCSonline sixteen years ago. Listen to our latest podcast on Technology Advice to learn how WorkOtter simplifies project management.   Join the Discussion   Have a tip or best practice to share? Have a question or a different point of view? We would love to hear from you. Scroll down to join the discussion now. How WorkOtter Simplifies Project Management Back then, most enterprise-level project management (PM) […]

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