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The Ideal Program Management Culture-Eliminate Project Chaos

I have spoken to and trained thousands of project managers. Most of them work in an environment filled with chaos. Project management is a profession in which you must always be able to deal with change, because there is usually some degree of underlying change (e.g., technology and people) you cannot eliminate. However, this type of change is not what I mean by chaos. The chaos I am talking about results from a lack of knowledge, accountability, and discipline. Not only do a number of project managers work in environments that don’t support their project management efforts, those environments can […]

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The Ideal Program Management Culture – Program and Project Management

Program Management Facilitates Success An organization that can learn, change, and adapt rapidly is destined for success. Unfortunately, many organizations today exist in a state of chaos, meaning learning, changing, and adapting are not the norm. These companies exist in this dysfunctional, reactive state because they do not have an effective program management structure in place. Without great program management, no business can readily adapt to changing business conditions. However, truly great program managers turn this chaos into clarity by creating a culture that facilitates success. Program and Project Management Roles – What’s the difference? The role of the program […]

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The Ideal Program Management Culture – Seeking Clarity

Company culture, organization culture, program culture, and project culture: when all these cultures exist in harmony with one another, you have the greatest opportunity for effective project delivery because you have intense clarity. Earlier we defined clarity as “freedom from obscurity and ease of understanding.” From a program perspective, clarity is defined by clear objectives for success, clear lines of accountability, and adherence to established project process. The number one enemy that results from not having clarity is apathy. Apathy occurs when the chaos in the organization reaches a point at which individuals feel their effort doesn’t matter, is wasted, […]

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The Ideal Program Management Culture-Project Discipline

Process Violations Are Our Friends Do we always follow the logical, well thought out planned process we have established for repeatable success, or do we short-circuit the process every time an eminent deadline, cost pressure, or demanding customer or stakeholder surfaces? I am not advocating that you never violate logical, well thought out, planned processes that ensure repeatable success, but when you do, you must have a process in which such a deviation is approved and publicly acknowledged to all. When you handle process violations properly, you signal to the entire project management community within the organization that you and […]

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The Ideal Program Management Culture-Accountability and Project Management Process

Two levels of accountability are critical to establishing a culture of clarity that fulfills project management initiatives with repeated successes. The first level is having someone who is accountable for the establishment and improvement of and compliance with the project management process itself. In some companies, one individual defines project management processes. This person may be the head of a project or program office, head a major program within the company, or serve as chief information officer, chief technology officer, chief project officer, or chief engineer. Other companies may be of a scale in which the project management processes are […]

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